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Data Collection / Analytics & Surveys

Every business’s most critical asset is their employees and customers. With this in mind it is imperative to the growth and sustainability of a company to understand how their employees feel about the company and customers feel about them.

By understanding how employees and customers feel about your environment, services, products, and why they choose to do business with you, you can better position your sales and service culture to mirror your customers’ expectations which in turn will increase their loyalty to your company and products.

Because word of mouth is so important and the increasing use of social media, in order to succeed in today’s competitive market, your company must ensure that more of your customers are loyal, emotionally engaged customers who not only continue to spend with you, but who also generate income by advocating your company to others.

Data Collection Types

Digital Comment Cards

Mystery shops aren’t the only way to obtain high-quality feedback – our Digital Comment Cards can give you potentially unlimited* data direct from your actually customers. Using smart phones (or any internet-enabled mobile device) customers can provide you immediate, real-time feedback while on-site!

Better still, turn your Customer Satisfaction Initiatives into increased business by offering digital coupons in exchange for the feedback – providing a powerful incentive to return again soon. Paper-based comment cards are fraught with problems, from dubious data and low participation to the time and money compiling them – but digital changes everything

Web Survey

There are a couple basic options when administering these surveys; they can either be re-active or pro-active. The main difference is in how the customers are recruited to take the survey.

A reactive measure would be a customer completing a survey based on a recruitment they would receive requesting them to complete a survey. This could be by a live operator conducting the surveys, or by way of an email or text message they might receive requesting them to take part in the survey.

As a pro-active measure, it is based on the customer initiating the survey by seeing the survey option posted somewhere such as a table tent within the store like the smart phone application, or by having a web-link printed on the receipt which asks the customer to take part in your survey.

Some popular use of Data Analytics

Employee Satisfaction Insights

Employee well-being is becoming increasingly important as organizations realize the link between happy healthy staff and their long term success.

Staff well-being and their level of satisfaction has been found to directly impact on organizational performance and ultimately organizational success; dissatisfied staff are unlikely to foster a satisfied customer base, and dissatisfied customers directly impact on the bottom line. Thus, measurement of the staff experience is an integral part of developing the customer experience.

Coaching & Training Feedbacks

Coaching is more than a profession. It is a calling, a passion and a wonderful career opportunity to help others. Providing you with the training, tools, expertise and credentials to business, executives and their teams to achieve a higher level of success.

Data Collection & Continuous Improvement

A research method for collecting information from a selected group of people using standardized questionnaires or interviews. While many people think of a questionnaire as the “survey”, the questionnaire is just one part of the survey process. Surveys also require selecting populations for inclusion, pre-testing instruments, determining delivery methods, ensuring validity, and analyzing results. In continuous quality improvement, surveys help to identify customer expectations, measure satisfaction levels, and determine specific areas for improvement.